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Award-Winning Advertising Copywriter and Creative Director, Rob Wilson, has a proven history of increasing revenue for his clients. He can help you grow your business with online advertising, landing pages, squeeze pages, marketing strategy, campaign development and much much more. For more information on Rob's services including client list, testimonials, and portfolio please visit RobWilsonDirect.com.

Don't risk another advertising dollar before consulting with Rob Wilson. Contact him today!

Start Writing "KILLER AD COPY" Today - Click Here! With this Instant Download, you too can learn how to write super response generating copy with Rob Wilson's crash course in advertising copywriting. Developed from his college course for Georgia State University, and from his seminar Create Advertising That Sells which he's delivered to hundreds of audiences in 36 states and Canada, you'll learn the methods and techniques for writing persuasive copy that increases sales and makes your business grow!

Rob is much more than a copywriter, he is a dynamic keynote speaker and humorist based in Atlanta, Georgia. His highly entertaining and interactive presentations on innovation, achievement, and leadership will inspire and motivate your audience to succeed. Delivering fun and laughter since 1997, Rob is a consummate professional who will make your meeting sensational. Rob has WOWed audiences in 35 states and Canada.  His high-energy and humorous talks have inspired and motivated business owners, advertising and marketing directors, sales reps, customer service representatives and many many more. Contact Rob to Jump Start Your Meeting today!


Rob Wilson can deliver the following motivational and training programs at your place of business:

How to Make Advertising Pay in Today's Market
Create Advertising That Sells!
Low-Cost to No-Cost Marketing
The Power of Public Relations

He also provides the following programs just for Ad Reps and Account Execs:

Boosting Ad Sales in Good Times & Bad
Create Advertising That Sells!

Don't RUN or SELL another ad before consulting with Rob Wilson. Contact him today!

NEW: Voiceover by Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson does voiceover! Click the above link to hear samples of his skills as a voiceover artist.

HUNGRY FOR MORE? Get useful "How To" tips on advertising your business with these insightful articles by Rob Wilson: Advertising Articles by Rob Wilson.

See Rob's Advertising Infomercial

(including clips from his powerful speech "Boosting Ad Sales in Good Times & Bad")!

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Rob Wilson Direct Response:
Creating Ads that Increase Revenue since 1991!

Rob Wilson is a professional speaker, a keynote speaker and humorist. And, he is a storyteller, a motivational speaker, an advertising speaker, an innovation speaker, a leadership speaker, a seminar speaker, a college speaker, a humorous speaker, and a lunch & learn speaker. Rob is also a writing and speaking coach. Plus, he is an advertising consultant, and an innovation consultant. Schedule a speech, a session, or a phone call with Rob today.

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