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Rob's Bio

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Leader
Rob Wilson is a creative spirit, an innovator, a motivator, and a serial entrepreneur who has developed nine businesses. He has been a student of human motivation and innovation since high school - initially to develop believable characters for his fiction.

As a college student, he studied psychology and worked in mental health. His first job as a motivator was in suicide prevention. He worked for a short-term mental hospital where he learned how to help people, who were suffering from depression, quickly get up and functioning back in society.

Rob started his first two companies in college. His first, a multi-level marketing business, was a failure. After working it doggedly for two years, he finally realized that it was a money-pit. The good news is he was able to take what he learned from that experience and make his second business, a specialty jewelry company, a success.

Head Shot

Award-Winning Advertising Creative
Wilson took his understanding of human motivation and put it to use in advertising. First as the partner in charge of marketing for a wholesale apparel company; then with his own advertising agency. For more than 20 years, Rob motivated people to buy while helping hundreds of companies increase business. For details, including client list and portfolio, please visit RobWilsonDirect.com.

He won many advertising awards during this time, including eight SouthStar Awards from the American Marketing Association/Direct Marketing Association (unique among advertising awards, the SouthStars are given - not just for creativity - but for increasing a company's return on investment). As a result, he was invited by four colleges (including: Art Institute of Atlanta, Georgia State University, Portfolio Center, and the Savannah College of Art & Design) to teach advertising.

He accepted the opportunity offered by Georgia State University where, for five years, he taught advertising, marketing, and public relations through their Small Business Development Center. Rob quickly recognized a market for his message when dozens of advertising sales representatives from all facets of media packed his first class. He converted his classes into workshops and seminars and took them on the road.

Speaker - Storyteller - Innovation Consultant
Rob began his professional speaking career teaching the science of advertising with his workshop:
Create Advertising That Sells. With his clients demanding more programs, he developed keynote and motivational presentations in leadership, sales and customer service. Overtime, seeing his audiences' enjoyment of the creative thinking portions of his seminars, Rob developed his flagship motivational program:
The Innovator's Toolbox. Through his speeches, seminars, coaching and consultant work, Rob has helped hundreds of people understand how innovation works, how to use it to make their businesses more competitive, and how to develop a culture of creativity within a company.

Rob has been quoted in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. A powerful storyteller, his stories create vivid images in the minds of his listeners and readers. Whether it is for his speeches, articles, fiction or advertising, they convey memorable messages that inspire people to deal with their most difficult challenges and achieve their greatest dreams.


Rob is also a humorist. He is the winner of 10 humorous speaking contests. He has appeared at the Punchline Comedy Club. And, he has been a guest on more than 100 radio stations. He was even proclaimed the second funniest person in Georgia by Toastmasters International. He still delivers hilarious comedy roasts. Always good-natured and never mean-spirited, Rob's Roasts,
are a great way to honor someone for a birthday, retirement, or for tireless devotion to an organization.

Robert Wilson

Rob is the author of the internationally syndicated column on achievement, innovation, and leadership:
The Un-Comfort Zone which runs in more than 400 publications. Each month Rob explores the many aspects of motivating yourself and others, how to harness creative thinking and innovation for fun and fortune, and how to provide leadership using authenticity and emotional intelligence instead of the stick and carrot. Plus, he shows how to apply them in a competitive business environment.

He is also a regular contributor to Psychology Today with his blog The Main Ingredient. For an appreciation of the depth of understanding Rob has for achievement, innovation and leadership, please check out this collection of articles.

Rob is co-author of the wildly funny book: OFF THE WALL! The Best Graffiti Off The Walls Of America, an illustrated collection of witticisms taken from bathroom walls. He and his co-author Ken Frankel have appeared on more than 100 radio shows entertaining AM and PM drive audiences all over the United States and Canada.

Off The Wall! Rob is the author of the humorous children's novel,
The Annoying Ghost Kid, which was optioned by Lead Lion motion picture company. It is a story about a ten year old boy, who is bullied by a ghost. As a children's author, Rob routinely visits elementary schools where he talks about the creative process, gives animated readings from his book, and teaches kids how to deal with bullies. For more information click on Author Visits.

Annoying Ghost Kid

Rob is also the author of the psychological thriller novel, ...and Never Coming Back. It is an exciting page-turner about a motion picture maker with a secret psychological problem that is so subtle only his wife can even suspect it, yet this very defect makes him the hottest director to hit Hollywood in decades.

and Never Coming Back

A Supporter Of The Community
Wilson loves helping people, and his experience includes community service. He has served as both Director of Fundraising and Director of Public Relations for the Georgia Chapter of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY), a youth leadership training organization. Additionally, he was president of his neighborhood association, a Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America, a coach for his children's soccer and baseball teams, a volunteer at the YMCA, a volunteer community organizer helping to save trees, and a live "On-the-Air" news reader with the Georgia Radio Reading Service (GARRS) a radio station for the blind.

Rob Wilson is a dynamic speaker and breakout leader based in Atlanta, Georgia. His highly entertaining and interactive presentations on innovation, achievement, and leadership will inspire and motivate your audience to succeed. Delivering fun and laughter since 1997, Rob is a consummate professional who will make your meeting sensational. His high-energy and humorous talks have WOWed audiences in 35 states and Canada. Contact Rob to Jump Start Your Meeting today!

Rob Wilson is a professional innovation speaker. And, he is a storyteller, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, workshop speaker, breakout speaker, advertising speaker, innovation speaker, leadership speaker, seminar speaker, college speaker, and a lunch & learn speaker. Rob is also a writing and speaking coach. Plus, he is an advertising consultant, and an innovation consultant. Schedule a speech, a session, or a phone call with Rob today.

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