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Wisdom In The Weirdest Places

 Whether it is increasing sales, improving customer service, or meeting your own personal dreams, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places is the entertaining, humorous speech to get you motivated toward achieving your goals.

Rob Wilson has explored much of the world’s tried and true wisdom that has been passed down over the ages. And, in his studies, he has discovered that the path to success, to achieving our goals and dreams, is often right under our nose. The problem is that we can’t see it because our vision is clouded by doubt and fear. Rob shows how to overcome these barriers to success.

You'll discover how Wisdom, Ideas and Courage are often found in unexpected places. Such as how an "F" on an English paper convinced Robert that he could become a successful writer. And, how a college prank and four words in Braille led to the publication of his first book. As a bonus Rob will share the four secrets to a long life, and how the burning desire to achieve a single goal kept one woman alive for 122 years.

You’ll see your people focus on both their personal and business goals as Rob shares his easy-to-implement plan for achieving them. Plus, Rob will tie his message to your meeting theme or organizational objectives. This presentation is perfect as a meeting kick off or for closing on high note.

Achieving your goals has never been easier. Book Robert Wilson today for your next conference.

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Motivational Quote of the Month:

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Winston Churchill

Comments about Robert Wilson's
Wisdom In The Weirdest Places

"Thank you so much for serving as our guest speaker at the Hospitality Retreat at the Biltmore Estate. Your presentation, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places, was well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by our attendees. It is not often that a speaker can appeal to both a male and female audience, ranging in age from 25 to 65. However your program hit the mark with everyone, as we could all relate to many of the questions we are forced to ask ourselves. In this busy world, we rarely take time for self-reflection and your ideas inspired us to make the time to challenge ourselves to not only reach for, but to obtain our goals. Thank you again and we hope to have you join us for a future program."
Julie Ann Haley, CMP, Director of Meetings & Expositions, D&D Communications Group/Hospitality Construction Magazine

Wisdom in the Weirdest Places was one of the best talks our association has received this year. Filled with humor, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places delivers a poignant message that hits home with just about everyone on both a personal and professional level. I would highly recommend Robert Wilson as a guest speaker…no matter what your position or lot in life, his enthusiasm, passion, and yes, wisdom, strikes a chord."
Sara J. Becker, Executive Director, American Advertising Federation, Great Falls Chapter

"Your 45 minute stint was well received by the group and helped promote the "Growth" theme of our meeting. Personally, I have really played up the concept: `you cannot hit what you don't aim for' when discussing year-end performance objectives. I appreciate your part in making the meeting a success."
Ken Weiss, Site Manager, IBM Global Services

"Robert has the ability to bring an audience in by sharing personal experiences. You don't just hear what he is saying, you feel it and can associate some aspect of your life with it."
Tammy Snelling, IBM

"Robert did a good job. I plan to look for opportunity and not sit back and let it pass."
Todd Hill, IBM

"Several folks in the audience told me what an inspiration you had been. Without a doubt, your participation and enthusiasm made our 65th Annual Convention a greater success. We look forward to working further with you and will call on you to speak at future meetings.
Franklin McKinney, Adminstrator,
Southern Gasoline Retailers Association

"The IFDA members found your presentation not only entertaining and amusing, but applicable to their own business and personal endeavors. Robert, it was a refreshing and stimulating evening. We look forward to future events with you as our speaker."
Terry McClure, VP Programs,
International Furnishings & Design Association

"Robert Wilson's presentation is unique and somewhat off the wall. However, it grabs the attention of the audience and everyone is hanging onto every word. His humor and message captivates the listener and relates to an experience in one's own life."
John Camp, International President, IFDA

"Robert Wilson encouraged and motivated us to follow our dreams."
Bonnie Kanfer, President, Global Art Gallery

"I liked the program because it's still a good idea to tell people they've done a good job."
Ronald Hughes, Interim Technologies

"Short and to the point. It has much to do with the point I have reached in my life."
Peter D'Angelo, Interim Technologies

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