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Creating Advertising That Sells!

Learn how to write Killer Ad Copy that increases sales in a fun live Tele-Seminar. In three information-packed, two-hour lessons you’ll acquire the skills to craft a message that will motivate prospects to buy. Your days of wasting money on worthless advertising will be gone and your ads will increase your business.

* * * This Vital Information May Help Your Business Survive the Current Recession! * * *

Advertisers get ROI (return on investment) from your precious ad dollars.

Advertising Sales Reps sell more Ads and establish profitable long-term client relationships!

You’ll learn from a seasoned pro. Robert Wilson is an award-winning ad copywriter whose ads have generated huge returns on investment for his clients. He eliminates guesswork and teaches you the hard science of advertising - proven methods that work in all media: print, TV, radio, internet, outdoor, direct mail, POS, and more.

In three two-hour lessons you’ll learn:

* How to Create Ads that Pull in Tons of Orders.

* Which Questions Must Be Asked Before Writing the First Word.

* How to Write Headlines that Grab Your Prospect’s Attention and Won’t Let GO!

* The One Thing You Must Never Do in Advertising.

* A Foolproof Four-Step Approach to Great Ad Copy.

* What Causes Most Ads to Fail, and How to Avoid It.

* How to Position any Company as the Industry Authority.

* Plus, Much Much More!

After attending this live Tele-Seminar you’ll be writing powerful headlines that literally pull the reader into the body copy. You’ll create offers that call out to your prospects and demand their attention. You’ll develop a powerful marketing message that will cut through the clutter of competing ads. And, you’ll learn how to write a call-to-action the reader can’t resist.

BONUS!!! Attendees may send in their own advertisements to work on during the session -- and get instant feedback!

With this Tele-Seminar and a little practice, you’ll be writing World Class Ad Copy just like a Madison Avenue Pro! Register Today.

Best of all, you’ll learn all of this from the comfort of the nearest telephone.
This special 6 hour presentation of
Creating Advertising That Sells! will be presented in three parts over the following three days:

Part One: Date and Time TBD

Part Two: Date and Time TBD

Part Three: Date and Time TBD

The cost is only $99.95 per person. But, you must register today because this tele-seminar is limited to 30 people and will sell out quickly.



Here's How Our Tele-Seminars Work -- It's Easy!
Immediately after you register, you'll receive a private phone number and access code so that you can attend the live program if you desire. Whether you attend the live call or not, we'll send you the link to download the Mp3 audio file so that you can listen to the replay, again and again, at your convenience on your computer or any Mp3 player . It's simple to do and you don't need to know anything about computers to do it. Whether you plan to attend the live program or listen to the replay, you do need to register today.


Here's what ad reps have to say about Creating Advertising That Sells! :

"Put your negative opinions aside. This course is a great refresher for jaded veterans on how to sell ads to local businesses." Andrew Shenker, Willamette Week

"The program was very helpful. The tips will be very useful to the seasoned sales professional as well as someone just starting their career in advertising. The customers in our market really focus on price. We are always looking for ways to provide an added value to our customers that the competitor cannot or will not provide. Providing a superior ad/product will give us the added edge to sell against the competition." Jill Smalley, Athens News

"Creating Advertising That Sells is VERY WORTHWHILE. I feel that it makes me more credible and I will become a trusted business partner, not just an ad rep." Susan Elston, Athens News

"I give it a 10. I feel that we have been given exceptionally excellent training since I've been here but this is undoubtedly the best. I thank you for sharing your experience,your expertise and your wisdom with us. It has enhanced my ability to help my clients." Gerry Stotts, Athens News

This program will make an impact on retention of current customers (because their ads will work better) and it will help attract new customers. It differentiates us from the competition and gives us an upper hand with clients because we position ourselves as the experts and have good, concrete info to back it up." Justin McAdow, Athens News

"I enjoyed the focus and the opportunity to listen to the great ideas spawned by your outline and coaching." Nina Judd, California Riding Magazine

"Very educational -- especially for my reps!" Chris Hoey, The Citizen

Very Informative, especially the examples of how advertising cuts through the clutter." Cherlyn Cates, Time Warner Cable

"Feel free to pass along my comments and recommendation to other state press associations. Their members will find your “Creating Ads That Sell! "seminar worthwhile for their newspapers." David T. Thompson, Executive Director, Kentucky Press Association

"Your program "Creating Advertising That Sells!" was relevant and helpful for new and veteran staffers alike. This is just what we needed to help us compete better in a tighter economy this year" Melissa Draut, Advertising Training Director, The Courier-Journal

"Interesting -- Informative -- Helpful -- Innovative. Thanks!" Lindsay Baker, KRTV-3 CBS

Stop losing precious ad dollars – register today!

Internet Special: ONLY $99.95 US:




Creating Advertising That Sells! - PROGRAM OBJECTIVES

1. To enable attendees -- through a variety of activities and exercises -- to become more proficient at developing effective ads.

2. To empower attendees with better customer service skills by enhancing their understanding the client’s advertising needs and goals.

3. To improve attendees closing skills and enable them to sell more ad space.

Creating Advertising That Sells! - PROGRAM TOPICS

1. Understanding advertising and its goals.
2. Identifying what motivates buyers.
3. Writing to sell.
4. Communicating effectively with the client.
5. Interviewing the client for ad preparation.
6. Identifying the proper audience for an ad.
7. Positioning products and services.
8. Writing attention-grabbing headlines.
9. Writing effective body copy.
10.  Selecting effective visual devices.
11. Improving customer service and closing skills.

Creating Advertising That Sells! - PROGRAM BENEFITS
1. Attendees will learn the principles of effective advertising.
2. Attendees will learn what motivates people to buy.
3. Attendees will learn how to position products and services.
4. Attendees will learn which questions to ask the client before writing.
5. Attendees will how to organize product and service features and benefits into a logical sequence of selling points.
6. Attendees will learn simple formulas for creating ads that sell.
7. Attendees will learn what mistakes to avoid in advertising.
8. Attendees will enhance their customer-service skills through better understanding of the client’s needs and goals.
9. Attendees will learn talking points for motivating advertisers to advertise.
10. Attendees will increase their ability to close sales.

Advertisers – Start getting ROI (return on investment) from your advertising dollars!

Ad Sales Reps - Start selling more ads and establish profitable long-term client relationships!

Register Now While Space is Still Available!

Internet Special: ONLY $99.95 US:



Audio programs are "MP3" files that can be listened to on any computer, MP3 player or iPod; they are delivered via the Internet (easy to follow instructions included).

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