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Boosting Ad Sales in a Slowdown

Your clients are tightening their budgets and advertising less. They blame it on the economy... How can you argue with that?

Award-winning advertising consultant, Robert Wilson will tell you!

Boosting Ad Sales In a Slowdown gives you the information you need to to overcome objections based on the economy. Plus, you'll learn critical techniques for improving customer-service, developing profitable client relationships, and how to close more sales!

In this fast-paced and entertaining audio-seminar, you will have fun learning:

* Why Advertisers Need to Increase Advertising in a Slowdown.

* A Simple Technique That Insures a 95% Close Rate.

* What You Need To Know to Help Your Advertisers Dominate Their Competition.

* What Makes Ads Work... and What Doesn't!

* How to Reposition Your Advertiser for Increased Sales in Today's Economy.

* What Leading Brands Know That Your Advertisers Need to Learn.

Best of all, you’ll learn all of this from the comfort of the nearest telephone.

This special 60 minute audio seminar of Boosting Ad Sales In A Slowdown is rooted in rock solid principles for selling ads and retaining customers, and it costs only $149.95 per person. After you download it you can listen from your computer, your iPod, or any Mp3 player. Stop losing precious ad dollars – download Boosting Ad Sales in a Slowdown today!

60 minute MP3 audio. Instant download after purchase.

Internet Special: ONLY $149.95 US

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Here's what ad reps have to say about Boosting Ad Sales in a Slowdown:

"I couldn't wait to put your ideas into action. The response was immediate and we're about to have our 2nd largest issue." James Jiskra, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Interesting! Informative! Helpful! Innovative! I'm going to explain to my clients why a recession is not a crisis, but an opportunity. Thanks!" Lindsay Baker, KRTV-3 CBS

"It was very helpful and offered info I haven't heard, such as, why spending more on advertising... will increase business, and how to explain this to my customers." Amelia Sasser, The News Reporter

"It was very beneficial. I got a new perspective on how to handle objections [to ad spending] that I hear from my customers." Mark Hamrick, CSRA Business Monthly

"It was very informative. Best Idea: how limiting advertising will lead to obscurity. I plan on sharing your analogies with my clients." Michael Mitchell, KRTV-3 CBS

"Great info -- why cutting back on advertising may hurt your business for a very long time. I'll use your ideas to sell more printing." Wayne Oplinger, Creative Printing Services

"I wish I had brought my key clients to the presentation!" Jennifer Whitson, South Central Radio Group

"I learned how to show my advertisers, who have cut back, the benefit of maintaining or increasing their advertising." Karen Suedkamp, Albany Times Union

"Fun and very informative. Definitely will be useful -- How to tell a customer why they need to continue advertising" Michelle Rice, The Leader

"Good Program with a lot of great facts and figures, especially about those who advertise during a recession gaining in sales and market share." Richard Cook, WVAH - TV

60 minute MP3 audio. Instant download after purchase.

Internet Special: ONLY $149.95 US

Purchase now by clicking here:


Here is what you’ll learn with BOOSTING AD SALES IN A SLOWDOWN:

1. How to overcome client objections to the economy.

2. How to establish long-term relationships with the client.

3. How to sell more ad space in a down economy.

4. How to motivate your sales reps to sell more advertising.

5. How to educate your clients on the importance of advertising during an economic slowdown.

6. How to provide customer service that will stimulate sales.

7. How to improve the effectiveness of advertising to increase sales in bad times.

8. How to recognize creative sales opportunities.

9. How to reposition your clients’ products and services to sell in a down economy.

10. How to speed up the economic recovery with advertising.

11. How to create ads that motivate people to buy.

12. Attendees will also learn the principles of effective advertising including easy-to-use formulas for creating ads that sell.

You can start selling more ads tomorrow.

60 minute MP3 audio. Instant download after purchase.

Internet Special: ONLY $149.95 US

Purchase now by clicking here:


Audio programs are "MP3" files that can be listened to on any computer, MP3 player or iPod; they are delivered via the Internet (easy to follow instructions included).

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