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Top Five Reasons To Use Spec Ads
By Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.
© 2002, Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.

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A Speculative Advertisement -- Spec Ad for short -- is a powerful tool for selling media space. If you're not employing this tool -- or often enough -- you're probably not making as much money as you could.

A Spec Ad will "break-the-ice" with a new advertiser. Think about it this way: What is the sweetest sound in the universe? Your name, of course! Seeing it in print makes you feel famous, if only for a moment. It works the same way with a company name and it's owners. When you show up for an appointment with a finished ad, your prospective client is not only flattered, but immediately begins visualizing his prospective customers seeing it.

A Spec Ad will help you teach a new advertiser how to buy advertising. Some potential advertisers remain in that "potential" stage because of fear and ignorance. Many want to advertise, but don't know how to start. It is usually the salesperson who understands this fear, and helps the advertiser get over it that wins the account. Your Spec Ad helps begin the learning process for new advertisers.

A Spec Ad will eliminate advertiser confusion and inexperience when it comes to what message to run. Your Spec Ad will help your advertiser visualize a new marketing strategy. This is especially important if you're trying to help them re-position a particular product or service to meet today's changing economy. Your Spec Ad is a showcase for your marketing expertise. It establishes you as the expert and enables you to direct the advertiser into a creative platform that is most likely to generate business.

A Spec Ad will enhance the customer service you provide. It encourages you to develop empathy for the advertiser's business and goals, and sets the stage for building a long-term sales relationship.

A Spec Ad will help you close more sales. When you present a well-designed ad with a clear benefit message that targets a specific audience, the advertiser is going to get excited and anxious for the ad to run. Have your sales agreement and a pen close at hand.

Robert Wilson is an advertising consultant and speaker, contact him at www.jumpstartyourmeeting.com.

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