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"Robert delivered a 90 minute-plus Keynote Speech and Workshop for the Atlanta section of ASQ (the American Society for Quality) on May 27,2021 entitled “Managing Quality AND Innovation: They can play in the sandbox together!”. The speech included 2 breakout sessions and was conducted online via Zoom to over 50 attendees. Robert's speech was very information, timely, and extremely entertaining for the attendees. I can highly recommend Robert as a speaker."

Jerome Lofton, Sr. Manager, Global Quality Lead, Panasonic Automotive Systems

"ASQ Atlanta recently had the pleasure of a Zoom keynote presentation by author and speaker Robert Evans Wilson, Jr.; Rob’s presentation on “Managing Quality AND Innovation: they can play in the sandbox together!” was a perfect way to wrap up the 20 / 21 year ahead of the Summer break, and he provided a number of tips to help us engage our Innovative mindset over the break. Rob’s two hour presentation included 2 ten-minute breakout sessions to facilitate smaller group discussions on challenges and opportunities, and more importantly, what are some things that we can do moving forward. Rob's presentation was well received, and I think that everyone enjoyed the presentation and left with insights into the innovation process and ourselves. I would highly recommend Rob to any organization seeking an entertaining and engaging keynote speaker for their conference."

Doug Waterman, Principal Consultant, Quality Consultant Group

"Hi Rob,

Thanks for sharing "How to Handle Change like a BOSS" with our Philips North American Project Management Roundtable. I have received numerous enthusiastic responses after the webinar today!

People really liked how you talked about the habits of innovators, having a change mindset, and the realization that anyone, at any level of an organization, can have significant positive impact.

Additionally, your comments that in order to be good at change, you need to practice change regularly really hit home for many.

Mentioning writing with your non-dominant hand, taking a new way to work, and deliberately surrounding yourself with changing environments made brought the conversation from theory to practicality.

Thanks again for a great topic delivered to a remote audience. Not easy given the communication medium, but perfectly executed."

Rob Bingham, PMP, Global Director, Innovation and Development at Philips Oral Healthcare

Here's is Rob Bingham's recommendation from LinkedIn:

Rob recently was the keynote speaker for Philips North America Project Management Roundtable webinar, which I lead. Rob's topic of "How to handle change like a BOSS" was spot-on.

One of the major challenges that affect global companies, is that it can be difficult to change a culture or a process or even a simple form. However, change is not only required to handle the constant inflow of new requests, but imperative for companies to stay in front of the competition.

I highly recommend Rob to help your organization not only teach its employees about change, but also to do so in a highly engaging and relevant way.

Rob Bingham, PMP, Global Director, Innovation and Development at Philips Oral Healthcare

"Your 45 minute speech [Wisdom in the Weirdest Places] was well received by the group and helped promote the "Growth" theme of our meeting. Personally, I have really played up the concept: "you cannot hit what you don't aim for" when discussing year-end performance objectives. I appreciate your part in making the meeting a success."

Ken Weiss, Site Manager, IBM Global Services

“We work hard all year trying to improve the service we provide to our customers, and to think of ways to involve our associates in all matters within our business. Robert Wilson’s examples and enthusiastic speech [The Innovator's Toolbox,] left an impression on my staff and team. As we all deal with enormous changes each and every day, Robert’s humorous insights were a breath of fresh air to our approach. I recommend to anyone that is going through changes in their business (and who isn’t), to consider Robert’s insights of providing better customer service and being creative and innovative to solve problems and overcome obstacles.”

J. Glenn Wisdom, J C PENNEY

"Rob was recently our featured speaker at the PMI Technology Forum. He enthralled the crowd with his interactive storytelling. He was able to inspire the crowd and get them to think in new and innovative ways. He keeps the presentation relevant, but fun with hilarious stories from his voluminous life and professional experiences. Rob is a great and entertaining fellow."

Neil Rivenburgh, Business Intelligence and Dashboard Reporting at Philips Health Systems

"Thank you so much for serving as our guest speaker at the Hospitality Retreat at the Biltmore Estate. Your presentation, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places, was well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed by our attendees. It is not often that a speaker can appeal to both a male and female audience, ranging in age from 25 to 65. However your program hit the mark with everyone, as we could all relate to many of the questions we are forced to ask ourselves. In this busy world, we rarely take time for self-reflection and your ideas inspired us to make the time to challenge ourselves to not only reach for, but to obtain our goals. Thank you again and we hope to have you join us for a future program."

Julie Ann Haley, CMP, Director of Meetings & Expositions, D&D Communications Group/Hospitality Construction Magazine

"Rob Wilson is a superb storyteller who captivated the attendees at the PMI Atlanta Joint Technology and Healthcare forum. His enthusiastic and vivid storytelling made the stories come to life in our minds. Through the storytelling we learned that creativity and innovation is within us… we just need to tap into it! Rob, thank you for sharing your innovative techniques. You have inspired us to unleash the innovator that lies within!"

Nevella Paul, MBA, PMP, Business Process Analyst

The IFDA Georgia Chapter recently had the opportunity to have Robert Wilson speak at our monthly meeting in August. The IFDA members found his presentation [Wisdom in the Weirdest Places] not only entertaining and amusing, but applicable to their own business and personal endeavors. Mr. Wilson's recounting of his journey to becoming a successful writer demonstrated the avenues to discovering Wisdom, Ideas, and Courage in one's own passage through life. Follow up conversations with IFDA members highlighted his ability to motivate and inspire:

Robert Wilson's presentation is unique and somewhat off the wall [referencing the humor from Rob's book Off The Wall]. However, it grabs the attention of the audience and everyone is hanging on to every word. His humor and message captivates the listener and relates to an experience in one's own life. John Camp, International President IFDA

Robert Wilson encouraged and motivated us to follow our dream. Bonnie Kanfer, Global Art Gallery

We found Robert Wilson to be extremely entertaining and informative. "You can't hit where to you don't aim" can be an inspiration in our daily lives as we strive toward our goals and objectives. Charles and Carol Ray and Associates

Robert, it was a refreshing and stimulating evening. We look forward to future events with you as a guest speaker.

Terry McClure, VP Programs, International Furnishings and Design Association

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to share a few of the comments I received from Rollins employees on the program [ The Innovator's Toolbox] you presented at our Quarterly Communication Meeting:

* "This is very upbeat and informative. It helps you visualize as well as think about real stories which will help you come up with new creative ideas."

* "Great! Wonderful tools for improving thinking."

* "Excellent! High energy, great ideas, kept my attention!"

* "I feel this program provided some useful tools to improve productivity."

* "This program is excellent. I consider myself to be creative in certain situations. Now, I have acquired more skills on being creative."

* "Very eye opening."

* "Good program for life and business."

Thank you again for your presentation and good luck in the future.


Roger Gardocki
Manager of Corporate Communications, Rollins

Dear Robert,

I've already gotten the feedback. Your program The Innovator's Toolbox was a big hit with our members! Even the "creative types" within our group admitted that they learned a lot of new things.

You were very effective at getting the audience "warmed up" quickly. They were interacting with you in no time, and coming up with creative ideas of their own. And, they seemed to make the connection between creativity and business success.

We all appreciated your handout. It was useful and engaging, and provided good content to back up your presentation.

I'm glad that you included some exercises that made the audience think. Those opportunities to practice what we learn certainly lead to mastery of the concepts.

Thanks, Robert, for the well-presented and content-rich program. One of the attendees said to me afterwards, "I get dragged to a lot of meetings, but this one was FUN!" You made me look good, and when it comes time to put together next year's program, I'll be happy to hire you again!


Paul Johnson
Programs Director, Southeastern Software Association

"It was a pleasure watching you electrify the room. Over 100 of our members attending enjoyed your creativity speech and learned something that should help them be more successful in their businesses."

Walter Zimmerman, President, Kennesaw Business Association

Wisdom in the Weirdest Places was one of the best talks our association has received this year. Filled with humor, Wisdom in the Weirdest Places delivers a poignant message that hits home with just about everyone on both a personal and professional level. I would highly recommend Robert Wilson as a guest speaker…no matter what your position or lot in life, his enthusiasm, passion, and yes, wisdom, strikes a chord."

Sara J. Becker, Executive Director, American Advertising Federation, Great Falls Chapter

"We all know that good programs are the backbone of an interesting club. That is why I want to share with you our club’s favorite and most fun program this year. Robert Wilson presented his very entertaining program The Innovator's Toolbox to our club on March 15th. It was the best program we've had all year. Robert's speech was fun, smart, and so right. His message on how to think like an innovator and get a competitive edge in today's market was completely on target. I highly recommend Robert Wilson to you and encourage you to have him speak. You will thank me for this tip someday."

Barbara Nunn McCarthy, President Conyers Rotary Club

KRTV 3 Montana's News Station
P.O. Box 2989
Great Falls, MT 59403
406-791-5400, krtv@krtv.com

To those of you who need to break out of the norm:

Robert Wilson graced Great Falls with his zany presentation at the Great Falls Advertising Federation. Here's the question. Why do you pay a lawyer? The answer? Good advice. Same goes for Robert Wilson. His combination of good marketing advice and (literally) off the wall humor makes for a powerful mechanism for learning.

Teaching adults is a tough business. Mr. Wilson has mastered the art of teaching what's good for business and making the lesson stick.

If you are looking for a person to help you or your staff break through the clutter... I have two words for you. Hire him!


Arthur R. Taft
Sales and Production Manager

P.S. Please feel free to contact me about my real opinions about Robert. Or... you could just re-read this letter from the top.

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association
P.O. Box 28875
Atlanta, GA 30358



I just called your house – and I didn't want to let another day pass without saying thank you for doing such a great job for us in Houston. The evaluations are glowing. You should be very proud of yourself.

I owe you lunch. Come by some day soon and take me up on the offer!

Thanks again for putting on a great program!

Edward VanHorn
Executive Director

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association
P.O. Box 28875
Atlanta, GA 30358


Dear Robert,

You really dazzled the people who attended our program this week Create Advertising That Sells! You are a very dynamic and entertaining speaker, and your upbeat presentation held the audience from start to finish. Best of all, the newspaper sales people who attended the program left knowing how to produce more effective ads and develop better and more profitable relationships with their advertisers. These are typical comments from the participants:

"I came away knowing how to help my advertisers get results from their advertising."
"It has definitely given me a lot to work with."
"I will use these ideas to help my retail and classified sales consultants serve their advertisers at a higher level."
"Very good - a worthwhile investment."

I was impressed with your well-planned approach to the content and your entertaining style of teaching. The fast pace not only commanded the audience's attention - it allowed you to cover a lot of material in a short time! We will be planning next year's meeting early this summer and we'd like to include more of your programs on our list. We'll be calling you soon to schedule them. Thanks again, Robert, for a really excellent job! It's people like you who give our programs their reputation for quality.

Best Wishes,

Edward VanHorn
Executive Director

Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association
7150 SW Hampton Street, Suite 111
Portland, OR 97223-8365

503-624-6397, onac@orenews.com

Dear Robert,

I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation "The Innovator's Toolbox!"

You have such a unique ability to captivate your audience with humor while communicating pertinent and relevant information. Our members were not only entertained by your energetic and entertaining presentation but they learned something they could actually take back and apply within their own newspapers.

Thank you, again Robert, for the wonderful learning experience. Your witty experiences offer invaluable lessons on embracing creativity and innovation. Your references to our industry's challenges made for a seamless presentation. You left our members enlightened and energized.

I would personally recommend to any business or association looking for a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker to have you speak at their next convention or business meeting!

Best Regards,

Dana Brown
Director of Marketing and Advertising
Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association
and Northwest Newspaper Network

"I had the privilege of attending one of Robert Wilson's presentations [The Innovator's Toolbox] at the Georgia Press Association Advertising Conference. The best way to describe Robert's delivery is intelligent, witty, engaging, humorous, and down-to-earth. He uses personal experiences and real-life situations to help the listener remember ideas. He involves the audience in several demonstrations that are unique. He is a walking encyclopedia of ideas for any size group. Anyone would benefit from a session with Robert Wilson."

Lamar Truitt, Advertising Manager, The Times-Herald

"Robert, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome presentation at our AFO Retreat last month. It was fresh! It was innovative! It was cutting edge! I was a new twist to an old message. Many times after hearing the same principles over and over again out of the same mouths, it becomes stale and trite. Your presentation cemented some of the values and methodology we have tried to instill in our agents for the past five years. You captured their attention and I do believe that many of them left with something of value that they can put to use in their daily operations. Thank you again for your time and participation in our planning retreat."

Thomasina Skipper, Agency Field Executive, State Farm

Robert, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation Wisdom in the Weirdest Places. Several folks in the audience came to me afterwards to tell me what an inspiration you had been. Without a doubt, your participation and enthusiasm made our annual convention a greater success. We look forward to working further with you and we will call on you to speak at future meetings.

Franklin McKinney, Administrator, Southern Gasoline Retailers and Automotive Services Association

"Robert, I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job at our planning conference. Your delivery was entertaining and quite informative and the agents got a lot of information they can use. I hope that your future efforts will allow you to work with more of our people and that we work together again. Thanks for the quality presentation."

Webb Howell, Agency Field Executive, State Farm

"He was very well received by our membership, well complimented. From beginning to end the experience was professional. He crossed every “t” and dotted every “i’. And he was fun. Very valuable information. Even my toughest critic, my boss and Ad Fed member of 30 years, gave him the thumbs up!!"

Danielle Chapman, Program Chair, AAF Baton Rouge

Kentucky Press Association
101 Consumer Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

To Mr. Robert Wilson, Jumpstart Your Meeting!:

And Jumpstart... you did!! Thanx very much for the presentation made at the Kentucky Press Association Winter Convention. I was glad we had the problem of finding more chairs and making additional copies of your hand outs. The presentation was well received by our members and filling a room is one thing we'd rather see in this business, than have a highly-regarded speaker start with more empty chairs than filled chairs.

I had numerous positive comments about the session, to the point that many want to make sure we invite you back for a future session. Let me know your other topics and we'll go from there.

Feel free to pass along my comments and recommendation to other state press associations. Their members will find your "Creating Ads That Sell!" seminar worthwhile for their newspapers.

We'll be in touch.

And again, thanx.

David T.

David T. Thompson, Executive Director

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The Courier-Journal
525 W. Broadway
Louisville, KY 40201-7431

Dear Robert:

Thank you for working hard for us yesterday! From the evaluations and talk in the hallway, your program Creating Advertising That Sells! was relevant and helpful for new and veteran staffers alike. Most of all, our staff really enjoyed and benefitted from your tips on being more creative. This is just what we needed to help us compete better in a tighter economy this year.

Thanks also for meeting our needs by doing two back-to-back sessions – it helped us on budget and attendance. We definitely got our money's worth from you and your program!

Your enthusiasm and knowledge for your subject was evident in your program. I appreciate you sharing both so well with our staff!

Best regards,

Melissa Draut
Advertising Training Director

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American Advertising Federation of West Michigan
P.O. Box 6905
Grand Rapids, MI 49516

Dear Robert:

Just wanted to pass along in writing some of the comments made by the January meeting program attendees both during (I have my spies) and after your presentation:

"His presentation was hilarious!"

"A good combination of comedy and common sense."

"How can anyone stay that enthusiastic that long?!?"

"It could have gone a lot longer and I'd have been fine."

"I like his approach. Theory validated by practical examples."

"I'd love to see him do his comedy club gig."

"I wish we could have had time for Q&A. I would have stayed."

"He didn't lecture. It was a conversation."

"He made a dull day a lot more fun, I'll tell you that."

Plus, there were many more. Enough that I think in a year or so we need to talk about your coming back and doing one of your seminars. I have no doubt that it would be well received.

Robert, thanks again for joining us in Grand Rapids. We enjoyed it!

Best personal regards,

Buzz Baker
Program Chairman
Ad Club of West Michigan

"Thank you for contributing to the success of our sales meeting. Your presentation The Innovator's Toolbox was a real hit. You certainly know how to get an audience's attention and keep them interested. We all need to be more innovative when it comes to winning new clients and you gave us several new ideas to work with."

Paul Goldstein, President, Presidential Financial Corporation

Human Resource Management Association
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
6500 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097

Dear Robert:

On behalf of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's Human Resource Management Association (HRMA), I'd like to thank you for your outstanding presentation during our May 27th meeting. Not only was your topic "The Innovator's Toolbox" appropriate and timely, but your humorous delivery gave our group some much needed laughter. I've been the Vice Chair and Program Director for HRMA almost two years and without question, your performance was the best we've ever had. I look forward to referring you to other organizations and associations.


Jeff Fox
Executive Vice President

“Rob Wilson is a great story teller. The meat of his presentation is a powerful message. Rob shows attendees how to open their minds, put their brains to work and generate a more creative thought process.”

Beth Miller-Tipton, CMP, SGMP

“I used Robert numerous times to lead advertising sales seminars. His unique delivery method utilized humor with solid selling practices to keep participants engaged with a positive and fun learning environment. He consistently got high marks on evaluations and kept his presentations fresh and up to date.”

Graham Kimbrough, SNPA

"Robert, your keynote speech Wisdom in the Weirdest Places was excellent. It seemed like we all were laughing over your insightful humor for the entire presentation. Your animated delivery, hilarious anecdotes, and content engaged everyone of the attendees in our group. It helped us develop a positive impression for our singles ministry with regard to the type of high quality programs we strive to provide. Both visitors and regulars commented on the usefulness of your important points about goal setting and dream achievement. I'm certain your fun presentation and helpful worksheet will have a lasting effect on many dreams... and many lives. THANKS!"

Howard Hall, Duluth First United Methodist Church

"Robert Wilson's presentation was, without a doubt, the most entertaining program we've had. Robert had everyone's complete attention (from a roomful of diverse business people that's saying a lot!). We've had many positive comments on his speech The Innovator's Toolbox. It's a rare occurrence to have a speaker who passes on valuable information as well as being entertaining and knowledgeable about his subject. I was particularly impressed when he demonstrated one of his techniques to show the audience how it worked. Seeing is believing. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson to anyone looking for an articulate informed speaker."

Stephanie Sharp, President, Smyrna Business Association

“I have had the privilege to have Robert Wilson "Jump Start" my meetings during my time with the International Business Academies Limited and also with JCI Atlanta. Robert is full of energy and captures the crowd's attention right from the start of his presentations. He has people up on their chairs and moving around the room. He is entertaining and a true professional. I highly recommend him for your next event.”

Phil Minnes, American Family Insurance

“Robert is a dynamo! He spoke at a professional entrepreneur event, and had everyone in the room captivated and engaged - including me. He understands how to capture the room's attention while educating, benefiting and using humor to drive home resourceful messages for entrepreneurs, executives and sales professionals. If you're responsible for finding high quality speaker talent for an event, and you need great ROI for your investment - call Robert!"

Stephen Jones, Owner, GROWTH STRATEGIES

“Robert is an inspiration. His presence in any event evokes interest, as he is natural in commanding people's attention. Driven, energetic, exciting, and thought-provoking are some of the comments describing Robert when he is making a presentation.”

Ghassan Ghraizi, President, GBC Services, LLC

“Robert is an engaging and entertaining speaker that understands the needs of his audiences. I would recommend him for any group that is looking for motivator with a humorous twist.”

Craig D'Egidio, Owner, Schokolade Chocolate Factory

“I've known Robert for nearly 15 years. His innovative and fun public speaking presentations drive home the power of creativity in all aspects of life. Particularly for business, Robert's speeches combine practical and applicable ideas into an entertaining and easy-to-understand format.”

Randy Sekeres, Internal Comm/Proc Mgmt, AT&T

“Robert does a wonderful job of using humor and audience interaction to challenge people's thinking and help them get their creative juices flowing. If you're looking for someone to get your people to think out of the box, Robert is your man.”

David Greenberg, President and CEO, Simply Speaking, Inc.

“Innervation; that's what Robert brought when he spoke to our marketing association. He gave us new perspectives that inspired us to capture customers in new ways."

Paul Johnson, VP and Co-Founder, Technology Marketing Association of Georgia

"Robert is a unique motivational speaker/writer. Taking lessons invisible to most of us from everyday happenings, Robert weaves interesting, enlightening and inspiring narratives."

Frank Touby, President, Community Bulletin Newspaper Group, Inc.

"Robert is a dynamic speaker who really connects with his audiences. He makes you think and he challenges your current thought processes. If you want to change the results you're currently getting, then you have to change what you're doing, and Robert is outstanding at helping you do just that. I recommend you attend one of his events or consider hiring him for your next meeting."

Shea Ellison, Digital Thought Leader, Innovative Search Marketing

"Rob Wilson is among those rarest of creatures, a man with the courage to be vulnerable in public. As a professional speaker he is able to connect with his audiences through his humor, authenticity, and poignant stories. If you are looking for the perfect keynote speaker for your all female audience, Rob is your man."

Patty Kitching, Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Speaker Coach

“Robert is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings out the best from everyone in the room. Every organization can benefit from the wit, charm and wisdom that Robert has in abundance. If you haven't heard Robert speak, call him, but be warned, you can't help but to hire him."

Kenneth Frankel, Director of Quality Control at 1-800 Courier

“Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is an amazing writer, storyteller and charismatic individual. While his writing has great depth, you are able to grasp his meaning readily because of the unique presentation. Robert is highly creative and has a wonderful ability to draw in his audience immediately. Robert is a warm-hearted person who has a passion for conveying his message and meaning to his audience.”

Marie Pijanowski, Founder, Center for Social Connections

“Robert spoke at a networking meeting and I was very impressed. He really made you think in areas that you would not expect. Everyone loved his message and the way he presents outside the box. Would absolutely hire him again."

Leesa Gillen, Director, Clinical Implementations

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Robert Wilson's speeches for the past ten years. He delivers a memorable talk with humor, empathy and emotion. Robert is a talented public speaker who quickly establishes rapport with his audience. He is genuinely funny. People enjoy listening to his message; yet, at the same time, Robert reaches people on a deeper basis; connecting with a valuable message that makes people think and ultimately act. I recommend Robert to any organization looking for a keynote speaker."

Tucker Cox, Part-time instructor of Marketing, The University of Georgia

Vintage Guitar Magazine
PO Box 7301
Bismarck, ND 58507

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I recently attended a seminar of yours entitled "Boosting Ad Sales in a Slowdown" in Mandan, North Dakota sponsored by AdFed. It was truly enlightening. In fact, I couldn't wait to put your ideas into action and used your ad: "Four Reasons Why Successful Companies Increase Advertising During a Recession" as part of a monthly newsletter that I send to my current as well as past and hopefully future clients. The response was immediate and we're about to have our 2nd largest issue since my starting as advertising director almost a year ago! Not only have I seen many new advertisers this month, but some of our current advertisers have increased the size of their ads as a direct result of this newsletter. We've also put this technique to use ourselves and have increased our advertising budget for the coming year.

Thank you for the insight and motivation. Have a happy holiday season!

Best regards,

James Jiskra
Advertising Director

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Rob Wilson is a dynamic speaker and breakout leader based in Atlanta, Georgia. His highly entertaining and interactive presentations on innovation, achievement, and leadership will inspire and motivate your audience to succeed. Delivering fun and laughter since 1997, Rob is a consummate professional who will make your meeting sensational. His high-energy and humorous talks have WOWed audiences in 35 states and Canada. Contact Rob to Jump Start Your Meeting today!

Rob Wilson is a professional innovation speaker. And, he is a storyteller, motivational speaker, keynote speaker, workshop speaker, breakout speaker, advertising speaker, innovation speaker, leadership speaker, seminar speaker, college speaker, and a lunch & learn speaker. Rob is also a writing and speaking coach. Plus, he is an advertising consultant, and an innovation consultant. Schedule a speech, a session, or a phone call with Rob today.

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